"Thank-you very much for your assistance and guidance throughout my years at studying at YMGP Music School. Without your help I wouldn't have achieved a band 6 in music HSC, getting an ATAR of 98.25. Also, I was informed by the Board of Studies that my submitted musicology essay for music HSC was an exemplary work and that I made it into the honour roll of students to be acknowledged at the 2013 ENCORE concert. Thank-you very much for teaching me as I wouldn't have accomplished this without your help, so I believe that all of this should be credited to you and the other staff members at the school. Thank-you very much."


- Katherine

"As a past student of YMGP music school, I was taught to enjoy music and be creative. This teaching enabled me to do very well in my musical studies as I grew to love music and play the piano. 

Through my musical training at YMGP music school, both practical and theory, I acquired skills such as discipline, perseverance, and creative thinking. These skills enabled me to excel in high school, especially during the critical years of HSC. These skills also assisted me to excel in my university studies, despite the studies not being musically related. By learning to play the piano at YMGP music school, I gained adequate skills to teach the piano and also gained a wonderful hobby."

 - Mary

"My years of being taught at the YMGP Music school cultivated my love of music at a very early age. They taught me how to read, write and play music at an excellent standard. Because of this, I’ve also been able to take up a second instrument (Guitar) and I’ve excelled in it. In High School, I got A’s every year in Music and I’ve performed at many events such as the Canonisation of Mary Mackillop and various concerts. I gained so much knowledge, a hobby, a talent, a skill and passion for music. Thank you YMPG school for this. I will never forget my years of tuition"

 - Breitil