-Music school fees are payable one month in advance, but we are happy to let you do one trial lesson before signing up for a full month (one single lesson fee must be paid). Late fees may be charged when fees are overdue.

-Our teachers give up their valuable time for your lessons! Please give as much notice as possible if you cannot attend a lesson. Full fees will be charged if 24 hours notice is not given of non-attendance.

-We strive to keep lessons as stable as possible by giving you the same teacher/s every week. However, if the unavoidable happens and your teacher cannot attend the studio in Fairfield on a particular day, a relief teacher may be provided. We are not always able to give students advance notice of this, but students are expected to attend as usual and full lesson fees will be charged unless 24 hours notice is given of non-attendance.

-These policies apply to online music lessons, as well as lessons in your home or at our studio

Our Policies

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